Editions and pricing

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Loyalty Management System

Editions and pricing

We've created three standard loyalty packages to make setup fast and simple. All of our packages run on the same underlying Simplicity Loyalty platform.

Need something different? Talk to us about configuring a solution to your precise needs.

Business to Consumer (B2C) programmes
Business to Business (B2B) programmes - -
Up to 200,000 members or prospects
Up to 1,000,000 members or prospects -
Over 1,000,000 members pr prospects - -
Retain Sales Transactions for 6 months
Retain Sales Transactions for 18 months -
Retain Sales Transactions for more then 18 months - -
Customisable Loyalty APP
Supports multiple stores or outlets for your programme
Supports up to 10 partner organisations and multiple stores and outlets -
Supports any number of partner organisations and sores and outlets - -
Partner Referral Program management - -
Supports co branded cards - -
Single program multiple Tiers
Up to two programs multiple Tiers
Unlimited programs and program tiers - -
Automated or manual program and tier allocation and reallocation
Points for rewards
Multiple currencies including points and cash as rewards -
Gift top up on rewards card - -
Integrated campaign management providing email
Integrated campaign management providing email, sms, mms, social WeChat -
Case Management -
Financial points as rewards
Financial and non financial points as rewards -
Different rewards based on Member, Partner, Program, Tier and Product
Web portals for Administration, Partners, POS users and Members
Member portal provided with a free Content Management System for do it yourself editing
Full platform as a service (PAAS) web service provided for Partners to integrate in real time -
Transactions received and processed real time (via web services) or batch via secure file uploads
Points or Dollars Earning
Earn X points per Y spend
Bonus points on activity such as Welcome, Tier change
Set points earning based on Program
Set points earning based on Member, Program, Tier, Partner and Offer -
Can be on payment received or sale or both -
Product items can be excluded such as specials, service classes, discounted products or entire departments
Target spend Bonus points on spend over time based on multiple rules configured - -
Points can be charged to the Program or Partners or Outlets of Partners -
Online Redemption Mall enabling member to redeem with Points or credit card or both
Redemption offers based on program
Redemption offers based on program and tier
Cashback on achieving targets - -
Vouchers created for Member based on business rules
Partner referral program support for Member Offers
Merchandise via redemption mall
Free or discount services by program
Free or discount services by program and tier -
Exclusive benefits by program and tier
Cards or Cardless
Store Cards pre printed with membership number, barcode or QR code
Virtual cards emailed to member
Virtual card in APP
Cards personalised and mailed to member
Third party vouchers
Recording transactions
Scan loyalty card using existing POS system with 3D scanner
Scan card on a separate tablet (not supplied)
Integrate with payment processor so no card is required
Scan virtual card from smartphone API -
Member Portal Kiosk and Mobile APP
Join or enrol in the loyalty program
Activate existing store card
Maintain member profile including phone numbers, email addresses, contact details
Create and manager Friends and Family Share Points - -
Maintain list of marketing opt-ins
View transactions
Check points balance and tier status
View vouchers
Browse redemption mall of available rewards and offers
Browse redemption mall of available rewards and offers specific to this member -
Request replacement card
Submit customer service enquiries
Access terms and conditions, frequently asked questions
Change password one way encrypted bank level security
Standard Email and communications set up within the program
Members automatically available for campaigns – no data exports or integrations required
Member welcome email with optional welcome reward
Admin welcome for new Admin account
Partner Admin / POS portal welcome
Order confirmation
New voucher issued to member with virtual voucher
Virtual card resend
A new voucher has been issued after a voucher has expired
Member reset password
Member reset password confirmation
Admin reset password
Admin reset password confirmation
Partner / POS reset password
Partner / POS reset password confirmation
Advanced email marketing
Targeting by segmentation model
Local area marketing for Outlets and Stores
Dynamic content
A/B testing
Device preview and preview test on multiple clients (Litmis)
Social media integration
SPAM management
Campaign Automation
Campaign Portal
Enable distributed teams to send and tailor email marketing for local audiences
Pre-approved customer segments
Restricted templates that control branding and standard uneditable regions
Rich quality surveys created by users
Added to signup process with incentive rewards for completion
Campaigns can be created to recipients based on answers
Program Financial Management
Manage points pool
Banking transactions for reward purchases and payments for redemption to Partners and Stores -
Bank files created for major banks and provided securely to your accounts team to process -
Tracking of all voucher usage for subsequent billing and reporting to Partners for redemptions
All transactions available for segmentation of members
All transactions segmented enabling analytics of member versus non member activity
Generic Recency Frequency Monetary models and custom models supported
Behavioral activities from integrated campaign management available for segmentation modelling
Integrated survey tool provides survey results segmentation
Coupons and Vouchers
Target customer segments or your entire database with trackable coupons to generate sales and foot traffic.

Generate voucher and consume points on reaching threshold

Shopping cart voucher “Promotion code”

Shopping cart voucher “Unique voucher codes”

Shopping cart voucher “Partner supplied electronic voucher”

Shopping cart voucher “Third party on demand supplied electronic voucher”

Shopping cart voucher option: Member must authenticate to display and consume voucher code

Data insights
Franchisee and partner settlements for rewards provided less rewards redeemed based on rewards cost rules - -
Program Reports
Card/Account Issued Report
Segment Report - -
Home Store Report
Voucher Summary to Date
Valid Vouchers Report
Used / Redeemed Voucher Report
Expired Voucher Report
Campaign Pre/Post Transaction Report -
Campaign Reports
Recent Campaign Activity
Campaign Analysis Campaign Compare
Campaign Analysis by Segment
Campaign Analysis Summary
Campaign Analysis
Survey Form Campaign Analysis -
Email Campaign Analysis
Email Campaign Analysis by Campaign Execution
Member Activity Statement
Finance and program Management Reports
Daily Sales Report
Bonus Points Register
Transactions in Suspense Report
Transaction Audit Report
Inactive Store Report Head Office -
Data insights via Analytical Database using third party tool
All Analytical data available for review using third party tool
Identify your top customers and top customer segments
Identify which products your highest value customer buy and which they never buy
Target customer segments or your entire database with trackable coupons to generate sales and foot traffic
Platform Hosting
Shared Platform (up to 10 TPS)
Dedicated hardware (from 10 TPS up) POA POA POA
Failover dedicated hardware POA POA POA
In house POA POA POA



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