Single View

Simplicity Single View provides a powerful and configurable tool to consolidate data from multiple sources, matching to existing records in the database to prevent duplicates and maintain a single customer view.

Simple to configure. Quick to deploy.

Clean, match and enrich data from multiple sources into a single view database, creating a holistic view of all profile, preference, purchase and interaction data for each customer.

Use Simplicity Single View to achieve a single customer view, faster.


Why choose Simplicity Single View?

Configuration not development
Whether you setup Simplicity yourself or use our professional services team – configuring all data management processes in the UI can shave months off your setup time. No coding, no custom ETLs. Import any data format, split flat files into multiple entities and relationships, transform, enrich and clean data, derive and append new fields – all setup and configured within the UI. This means faster setup and higher quality – eliminating data issues and reducing the on-going maintenance required.
Relational database
With a full relational data model you can store any data from within your organisation. The OLTP database is optimized for real time interactions to support time critical interfaces. A separate analytics database is optimized to ensure data mining, analytics, reporting and campaign selections run lightning fast.
Single customer view
Native data hygiene, matching and merging features ensure your database is free from duplicates. Where customers exist in multiple source systems, they are merged to create a holistic view of that customer with all purchase and interaction history linked to a single customer record.
Template data models
Thanks to our servicing of a broad range of industries we have developed fully customisable data model templates that are designed for your industry – getting you started quickly with a proven design that works for organisations just like yours.
Web services API
Web services provide access to the single view database for your existing systems, websites, apps and third parties. Connected systems can use the database as the single source of truth for customer data – reading, updating and authenticating against the database over the web.
Actionable Insight
Gain insights quickly with powerful configurable charts and analytical tools. Measure campaign performance, evaluate and tune your segmentation strategy, compare control groups and test results and much more.
Campaign Management
A fully featured in-built campaign management studio saves you from integrating with an email marketing, marketing automation or campaign management tool.

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