Customer Relationship Management

Simplicity CRM is the data-hub for your organisation, enabling marketers to create sophisticated integrated campaigns based on a deep understanding of customers and their behaviour.

Powerful Enterprise CRM software anyone can use

The Simplicity Enterprise CRM Solution provides fast, reliable and user friendly CRM and Campaign Management tools to manage customer relationships:

  • Single Customer View and Data Management tools to consolidate customer and marketing data from multiple sources
  • Segmentation tools to target and segment customers using rich profile and behavioural data
  • Campaign Management tools to create, manage, test and execute campaigns on any channel and track responses using multi media and multiple languages
  • Social Media tools to integrate follower data, track interactions and make your content easy to share
  • Reporting and Analytics tools to analyse data and rapidly gain actionable insights
  • Simplicity CRM Platform is delivered as a CRM SAAS or on site in your datacentre

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With a configurable, relational data structure, Simplicity can manage all types of customer and marketing data. With data management, multi-channel campaign management and execution, call centre, loyalty and reporting all in a single package, you can simply switch functions on or off. This means when your needs change, your database capabilities change with you without requiring integration with additional software. This ensures your investment of time and money is always safe.

Why choose Simplicity CRM?

Campaign Management
Fully featured multi media and multi lingual campaign management studio to setup, test and execute campaigns on any channel and up to 9 languages – including email, social, SMS, WeChat, PDF, call centre or print.
Marketing Automation
Qualify and score leads, convert prospects into customers and grow the value of existing customer relationships with automated lifecycle and triggered campaigns.
Social Media Marketing
Integrate social account data with customer profile data, track interactions with corporate / brand social accounts and pages, and make your content easy to share on social media.
Single Customer View
Native data hygiene, matching and merging features ensure your database is free from duplicates. Where customers exist in multiple source systems, they are merged to create a holistic view of that customer with all purchase and interaction history linked to a single customer record.
Case Management
Simple and easy to use, and provides multi-channel tools to respond to customers using the most appropriate channel
Contact Centre
Configurable call workspace provides rich functionality and screens to ensure agents have quick and easy access to all necessary information to enable management of both inbound and outbound calls
Reporting and Analytics
Gain insights quickly with powerful configurable charts and analytical tools. Measure campaign performance, evaluate and tune your segmentation strategy, compare control groups and test results and much more.
Simple Integration
Web services provide access to the single view database for your existing systems, websites, apps and third parties. Connected systems can use the database as the single source of truth for customer data – authenticating, reading, writing and updating the database.
Surveys and Web forms
Quickly setup online pages, microsites, competitions, surveys and Facebook polls – saving data directly to the database for use in campaigns and reporting.
In the cloud or in-house
Cloud based (CRM SAAS or CRM PAAS) for rapid deployment and convenience, with the security, performance and availability to meet the most stringent requirements – or deploy on-premise as you prefer
Lead scoring models
Define lead qualification, engagement and conversion propensity scoring models and use scores to tailor your communications with leads, prospects and customers.

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