Actionable intelligence

Analytics tools should be easy to use and accessible

Choose to view data in real time, or blended with other segmentation data offline, or a combination of both. You choose what is best for you.

What’s the point in having an expensive BI tool if your end users cannot use it?  Simplicity Loyalty and Simplicity CRM provide a simple analytical interface enabling users with MS Excel to manipulate OLAP Cubes to gain actionable insight from the Simplicity Single View, CRM or Loyalty platform. Simplicity CRM’s architecture provide a separate databases on separate servers so analytical and reporting users never impact on the real-time performance of online users.

Online Cubes

Online OLAP cubes for segmentation analytics and campaign reporting. All your Single View and customer data available from one easy to use online analytical tool with the data available in Excel.  This is a costed option.

Campaign Reporting

Advanced deep analytical campaign and online form activity reporting. Blend activity data from all activity including social media into easy to run campaign reports.

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