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Simplicity Automotive

Simplicity Automotive is a powerful configurable pre and post sale customer management system.

Fully integrated Single View, CRM, Campaign Management and Loyalty Management tailored to the Automotive Industry and proven over many years with leading global manufacturers.

Combined with the Dealer Portal which enables dealers to upload their own customers and execute head office sanctioned campaigns in up to 9 different languages including Chinese wherever and whenever they wish to drive foot traffic into their dealership and ultimately increase sales and retention.

Simplicity Web Services and advanced ETL services provide simple and easy single customer view integration to your dealer management, financial and other systems. Or custom interfaces can be produced as required using the Simplicity consulting services.

Simplicity Loyalty Platform

Overview summary

  • Integrated B2C and B2B CRM for consumer and fleet management
  • Customisable DMS integration
  • Supports any number of dealerships across multiple countries
  • Integrated world class multi lingual multi channel campaign management providing email, sms, mms, social and WeChat
  • Contact Centre for inbound and outbound customer and dealership enquiry
  • Case Management for warranty management
  • Single Customer View ensuring one organisation, one person, one vehicle - all linked with history attached
  • DMS transactions received and processed real time (via web services) or batch via secure file uploads
  • Consumer web portals for post sales support, merchandise sales and loyalty
  • Advanced segmentation, reporting and analytics
  • Integrated data and address hygiene from RightAddress. Other products integrated via local suppliers for other markets.

Campaign management

  • One platform with two user interfaces for dealers and the central marketing team
  • Smart Segmentation configured via intuitive interface and updated via advanced API’s
  • Closed Loop tracking of all communications
  • Omni-Channel marketing
  • Advanced testing of campaigns built in to the easy to use interface

Similarly rewards are flexible and configurable. You can use vouchers, credits or discounts – or define unique rewards such as gifts or merchandise that your customers may value more highly.

For more detail please refer to Campaign Management features.

Campaign setup

  • Restricted templates
  • Editable and un-editable sections
  • Audience selection rules
  • Approved creative and branding
  • Advanced personalisation and segmentation

Campaign execution

  • Review available campaign templates
  • Edit approved content
  • Edit customer targeting rules
  • Upload additional data
  • Schedule campaign
  • Simple and fast to use

Customer Interaction Studio

Advanced campaign management platform for central marketing team

Dealer Portal

  • Simplified online portal for dealers
  • Restricted templates control quality and brand consistency

For more detail please refer to Dealer Portal features

Contact Centre

  • Intuitive agent UI
  • Schedule and automate call campaigns
  • Co-ordinate with email for omni-channel experience
  • Queue management for supervisors
  • Personalised call scripts
  • Full vehicle history data available to the agent
  • Optimise and refine campaign details as required
  • Reports and dashboards to review performance

Data Management


  • Web services:
    • Real time access to data
    • Single sign on / authentication
    • Real time app, website and system integration
  • Batch services:
    • High volume data processing
    • Data migration
    • ETL processing
    • File management
    • SFTP site synchronisation

For more detail please refer to Web Services features

Advanced data load processing

  • Staging
    • Source files
    • API calls
  • Validation
    • Data types
    • Value ranges
  • Hygiene
    • Address / phone / email
    • RightAddress integration
  • Enrichment
    • Geo data
    • Custom segmentation
  • Matching
    • Match to existing records
    • Manage / merge dupes
  • Business rules
    • Custom processing

Single Customer View

single customer view

See Customer Single View features


  • Integrated loyalty management from Simplicity Loyalty
  • Rewards for purchase, retention and servicing
  • Redemption mall can be used in Customer Portal for customer to purchase merchandise and redeem vouchers for servicing and additional offers

See Simplicity Loyalty for features available to be used in Automotive

Reporting and Analytics

  • Consolidated data enables campaign attribution and ROI insights
  • Accessed via web based portal
  • Reports visible to either or both central users and dealers

report analytics

Campaign Reports

  • Recent Campaign Activity
  • Campaign Analysis Campaign Compare
  • Campaign Analysis by Segment
  • Campaign Analysis Summary
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Online Form Campaign Analysis
  • Email Campaign Analysis
  • Email Campaign Analysis by Campaign Execution

Data insights

  • All Analytical data available for review using client provided client side data analytics tools that can be sanctioned for use on Analytics database.  This is provided as part of the Corporate Pack and can be integrated with most tools including:Excel, Tableau, QlikView, SAS, MicroStrategy, Cognos
  • Track the performance of your marketing strategy all the way to the bottom line. That means actual sales generated from calls and email marketing campaigns.
  • Identify your top customers and top customer segments.


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