Omni-channel customer experiences

As consumer channels are growing, each channel is bringing new methods, new technologies and often new agencies.

Consumers are also expecting, and deserve consistent treatment across all media and all platforms and all channels at the time and method of their choosing.

They want to have the best possible experience with you every time, and they want you to remember every interaction, such as:

  • Interaction by mobile
  • Interaction online
  • Interaction by phone and mail
  • Interaction in store
  • Interaction with your field sales force

From your call centre remembering what they have said to you on your facebook page, to your retail branch knowing that they have been mailed an offer, every aspect of your business needs be aligned. To provide the best possible service, they expect you to know if they prefer vouchers on their mobile or via email.

Delivering true multi-channel communications by all consumer interaction points from the one platform is a challenge that consumes vast resources for most companies.

Having all communications channels in one place allows you to rapidly build, deploy, replicate and automate multi-channel campaigns and full consumer programs across your enterprise.

Learn about the Simplicity Difference, and our technology which can help you to interact with each one of your customers across multiple devices.

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