Simplicity Loyalty is an all-in-one loyalty and marketing services platform that manages large loyalty programs for restaurants, retailers, airlines and franchisors.

Setup your loyalty program faster with Simplicity Loyalty program software, a comprehensive loyalty marketing platform that is simple to configure and fast to deploy

The rewards program software designed by marketers to manage real and virtual loyalty cards, points, vouchers, multiple stores, redemption rules and offers - Simplicity Loyalty elegantly manages both simple and complex loyalty strategy for both simple and complex loyalty programs.

Simplicity Loyalty provides an out of the box Loyalty Platform that enables you to easily and quickly set up a fully featured Enterprise Loyalty program plus all your marketing communictions - all configured and managed by Simplicity Loyalty without the need for other third party email, reporting or analytics tools.

Simplicity Loyalty comes with a content management system based member web portal which enables you or your agency to quickly style your member site to integrate with or match your web site plus specialised web portals for point of sale users, program partner users and your program administration users.

Administration users can create Partner (which can provide points and redeem points or fulfil redemption or shop product) and POS users as well as other Administration users. They can manage all aspects of the program including the integrated campaign email templates, online redemption mall items - both offers and redemption products and customer support.

POS users can perform a variety of customer support tasks for their customers, depending on the Partners business rules configured.

Integrating with your POS, websites and other systems is clean, fast and easy - taking weeks or months out of your implementation project. What's more, with an in-built fully featured CRM and Single View platform you have less systems to integrate, further maximising your ROI.

Why choose Simplicity Loyalty?

Configurable rewards
Flexible currencies, rewards, status levels and offers. Support any promotion such as bonus points, cash back, buy X get one free, time-bound offers – all configured centrally and available in real-time
Offer vouchers and promotion codes
Create vouchers available for members to purchase via the redemption mall.  Members can redeem their points or dollars on vouchers offers, which are made available to print via the web or to consume via the optional App.  A variety of options are available for different types of vouchers generated either by a Simplicity code sequence or by a third party integrated list of available voucher codes.
Define, score, and dynamically track members based on any one or more of the below and other Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) attributes:
  • Visit frequency
  • Spend (total over period or per visit)
  • Purchased products
  • Store locations
  • Time of day
  • Purchases from special events
  • Channel
Redemption Mall
Online Redemption Mall (store) that enables your members to redeem with points, cash or a combination of both from an unlimited number of Partners plus redeem or purchase vouchers delivered electronically or from a store
Partner Referral
Partner referral program management enabling leads to be passed to any number of partners regarding offers set up in the Redemption mall with two way tracking of the transaction enabling commission and rebates to be calculated
Loyalty program card management
Support physical cards and virtual cards on your smartphone app. Support vouchers delivered to the app and email. Enable users to maintain card details and preferences online and in-app.
Seamless integration
Web services make it simple and fast to integrate with your POS, ERP system, websites and mobile apps.
High performance at scale
Sub-second real-time responses during peak activity periods, to ensure no delays at the POS, online or within your apps. Full loyalty web services api for loyalty transaction processin greal time or offline.
Marketing campaigns
Fully featured inbuilt loyalty campaign management studio to setup, test and execute loyalty marketing campaigns (and ad hoc general camapigns) across multiple channels - email, social, SMS, call centre or direct mail to facilitate execution of your loyalty strategy. Target Members with the right offer at the right moment and across any channel. Thanks to our inbuilt world class camapign management platform you can execute campaigns at any outlet or channel including Mobile App (Push Notification), SMS, email, Point-of-sale and/or Social Media.
Automate email SMS and APP marketing across any store and/or channel. Schedule and automate multi media multi lingual campaigns and reports across any store to target specific segments. Simplicity Loyalty dynamically tracks members as they move from one segment to another, and a relevant set of offers are presented without requiring any action to be taken by your marketing team or store staff
Fully featured inbuilt survey tool enables surveys to be added to sign up process, built as standalone forms and emailed to Members at any time from the integrated campaign management platform. No requirement to licence a third part survey and email platform that does not really integrate
Dashboards, reporting and analytics
Simple yet powerful charts and analytics tools to evaluate the performance of your loyalty program and optimize your marketing. Customisable loyalty managemement dashboard space for all program users able to be set up specifically per user role.
In the cloud or on-premise
Cloud based for your convenience – with the security, performance and availability to meet the most stringent requirements – or deploy on-premise as you prefer.
Finance and franchise support
Account reconciliation and payments to Franchisee operators based on points earned or redeemed. Simple campaign tools to enable franchises to localise marketing with just the right amount of control.
Supported programmes
QSR loyalty, Retail Loyalty, Automotive Loyalty, Health Loyalty, all Rewards Programs, and all forms of B2B Loyalty as supported by the Simplicity Loyalty PAAS.
Loyalty APP
Simplicity's optional Loyalty APPsupports all mobile loyalty functionality including Helath Loyalty by tracking activity on Apple, Garmin, Fit Bit and other health tracking devices.
Full functional Specifications
Full B2B Loyalty and B2C Loyalty with full campaign management and single view data functionality on one Loyalty Platform. Click to read in detail.

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