CRM Lite

Simple preconfigured database and marketing tool that anyone can use

The simply easy to use turnkey customer communication and management application providing you with a way to manage your customers and members without the stress of multiple applications.

  • Import your members or customers into a proper marketing database
  • Segment your customers and members based on fields you can assign to them
  • Run communication emails to members or customers based on pre set up email templates for your industry to all or selected segments of customers or members
  • Ask for credit card donations on every communication and automatically email receipts to donors
  • Allow people to co-sponsor your organisation by paying a regular donation on credit card
  • Enable people to join your database and optionally ask for a donation when they join
  • Allow people to subscribe to newsletters
  • Report on your email campaigns
  • Reduce your administration time and cost moving forward
  • Pull mailing lists for customers or members as required

Coming soon – allow people to subscribe to a club, party or service


Why choose Simplicity CRM lite?

Upload your Customers

Start by importing your database of members, customers or subscribers into Simplicity CRM lite.  Once imported you can start to manage your customers and communicate with them

Email and Mail
Simplicity CRM lite comes complete with the campaign management email and mail as provided in the Enterprise CRM product thereby enabling you to run email and mail campaigns and manage customer from the same system.  No more exporting lists a email tool and suffering all the issues of data in multiple places
Mailing Lists
Set up and manage any number of mailing lists.  Simplicity SRM lite enables members to join the database and opt in to mailing lists, to subscribe and to unsubscribe as they require
One off Donations
Simple intuitive easy to use form enables you to capture donations from people of your web site or from people that have clicked through from emails.  The same donations functionality is also optionally enabled on the thank you page of the Join form enabling you to ask new members for a donation after they have joined
Simplicity CRM lite is bundled with a unique segmentation report designed specifically to enable you to count and view the data in your database without the need for complex tools.  Simplicity CRM lite also provides a full set of campaign management and donations management reports to enable management of your email and email campaigns plus tracking where your donations are coming from
Email Templates
Simplicity comes pre set up with easy to use functional templates.  You can add your own (with some training and the right in house skills) or Simplicity can work with you or your agency to create new templates specifically for your organisation
Integration to your web site
Add the Simplicity join form and Donations form to your web site for people to simply and easily join your mailing lists and database.  Easy to use donations form allows people to donate with simple easy to follow instructions.  Receipts are automatically emailed to donors.  Reporting allows you to easily reconcile donations in your bank account
Simplicity CRM lite is the beginning of your journey with Simplicity.  If needed you can upgrade to other Simplicity products if your requirements for more functionality grow

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