Loyalty Management System


Simplicity Loyalty is a powerful and configurable platform that runs a diverse range loyalty and rewards programs.

To meet the demands of such a diverse range of programs, Simplicity is designed as a platform. Extensible modules provide intuitive access to the platform for marketers, program administrators, customer service teams and partners.  Web services APIs provide a data integration layer to simply seamlessly interact with POS systems, web sites, apps and other integrated systems.

Simplicity Loyalty Platform

Earning and redeeming points

With Simplicity Loyalty you can award points to your loyalty members, or design your own unique loyalty currency.  You can award points based on transaction value and set minimum spend thresholds before points are awarded. Or you can set different award rates for certain products, product categories or entire departments. You can define bonus rules that set a different award rate for promotions and marketing campaigns – with complex eligibility rules.

Similarly rewards are flexible and configurable.  You can use vouchers, credits or discounts – or define unique rewards such as gifts or merchandise that your customers may value more highly.

Awarding points

ü  Earn X points per Y spend

ü  Set minimum spend thresholds before points are awarded

ü  Exclude specials, service classes, discounted products or entire departments

Flexible rewards

ü  Cashback

ü  Vouchers

ü  Gifts

ü  Merchandise

ü  Free or discount services

ü  Exclusive benefits

ü  Status levels and tiers

Bonus points

Define bonus point offers for:

ü  Time periods

ü  Products

ü  Departments

ü  Individuals

ü  Standard customer segments

ü  User defined segments

Recording transactions

ü  Scan loyalty card using existing POS system, or

ü  Scan card on a separate tablet, or

ü  Integrate with payment processor so no card is required


Card or cardless programs

Virtual cards

Virtual cards encode the member ID into a smartphone app. During a transaction your customers then present the app to the POS operator for scanning, or scan it themselves using a self-service scanner or kiosk.

We can integrate with your existing app or supply a branded app for you. The app also provides a convenient way for consumers to register for the program, maintain their details, review recent transactions and redeem vouchers.

Cardless loyalty programs

With cardless loyalty programs we need an alternative identifier such an email address, mobile phone number or payment card number.  Your customer registers this ID when they enrol in the program, and supply it when completing a transaction.

Card based programs

Simplicity works equally well with traditional card based programs. You can generate card numbers on the fly for card printing, and send them by post or offer them to customers at POS to maximise registrations. 


Customer support

Web portals, kiosks and mobile apps

Simplicity Loyalty web portals enable your customers to manage their membership details online, in-app or on-premise using a kiosk. All interfaces enable consumers to:

ü  Enrol in the loyalty program

ü  Register payment cards, phone numbers or email addresses

ü  Maintain contact details and marketing opt-ins

ü  Review recent transactions

ü  Check points balance and tier status

ü  Print vouchers and coupons

ü  Browse a catalogue of available rewards

ü  Link family cards and replacement cards

ü  Submit customer service enquiries

ü  Access terms and conditions, frequently asked questions and help documents

You can add your own branding to the standard templates in Simplicity Loyalty, or integrate an existing site using iframes or an intuitive Web Services API.

Contact centre and customer service desk

Simplicity Loyalty also provides Contact Centre screens to help resolve calls and queries efficiently.  Customer Service staff can quickly access all necessary details regarding recent transactions or any other interaction with your business such as a marketing email received, an online enquiry submitted or a competition entry lodged.

Every call or enquiry creates a case, which is tracked through to closure with all related Actions stored against that original case.  Cases can be escalated and transferred as appropriate, with a case management dashboard summarizing the status of all open cases and statistics for average age and average time to resolution.

Direct Marketing

Simplicity Loyalty provides native access to all loyalty data including transactions, preferences, demographic information, survey responses, help desk queries and much more.

More than just access to data, Simplicity makes data actionable. Use intuitive campaign management tools to create targeted, compelling marketing communications across email, SMS, social, Direct Mail and many other marketing channels.

Contact lists

ü  Your contacts are automatically available for campaigns – no data exports or integrations required

Advanced email marketing

ü  Targeting and segmentation

ü  Dynamic content

ü  Personalisation

ü  A/B testing

ü  Device preview

ü  Social media integration

ü  Campaign reporting

ü  SPAM management

ü  Campaign Automation

Data insights

ü  Track the performance of your marketing strategy all the way to the bottom line. That means actual sales generated from coupons, vouchers and email marketing campaigns.

ü  Identify your top customers and top customer segments. 

ü  Identify which products your highest value customer buy and which they never buy


ü  Target customer segments or your entire database with trackable coupons to generate sales and foot traffic.




A superior POS experience

Most retail loyalty programs require action from staff and customers at the POS. But no two programs are the same. Some require maximum throughput speed and minimum disruption to existing processes. Others can take the time to enrol new members at POS and investigate customer service queries. With multiple POS integration options, Simplicity Loyalty has a POS solution for every scenario.

Full Transaction Sync

ü  Real-time transaction loading from POS to Loyalty

ü  Periodic transaction export and synchronisation

Performance at scale

ü  Designed for maximum speed and performance to achieve sub-second processing times for every transaction

ü  Optimised for up to XX transactions per second

ü  Resilient design to prevent outages and downtime

Web services API

ü  Create your own POS integrations using the fully featured web services API

POS integration

ü  Native integration to POS using web service APIs

ü  Browser based POS for simple integration with no programming required

ü  Separate tablet based POS for superior customer experience

Scanners and receipts

ü  Use any barcode format to work with your existing scanners, including QR codes

ü  Personalize receipts with offers, messages, loyalty balances and more

Franchise support

Simplicity Loyalty provides numerous features and modules to support franchise networks and individual franchise owners. From stores level reports to localised marketing through to managing the financial implications of earning and burning points across multiple stores.

Campaign Portal

ü  Enable distributed teams to send and tailor email marketing for local audiences

ü  Pre-approved customer segments

ü  Restricted templates that control branding and standard uneditable regions


ü  Calculate points pool debits, credits and transfers due to redemption activity across the network

ü  Automatically credit expired points to the original store or head office

ü  Create end-of-period journal files for import into financial systems

Insightful reports

ü  Provide store level insights to empower individual owners and measure store performance

ü  Real-time and periodic fraud reports to catch suspicious activity

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