Smart thinking never goes unawarded

Australasia's most awarded Enterprise CRM solution, received all levels of Direct Marketing awards including the prestigious New Zealand Direct Marketing RSVP Grand Prix Award, multiple Gold RSVP, Silver RSVP and Bronze RSVP awards and Multiple Gold NEXUS, Silver NEXUS and Bronze NEXUS awards for work in both New Zealand and Australia.

Clients have also received several awards for excellence in marketing and marketing services.

The latest addition to our wide range of awards include:

  • NZ Direct Marketing Nexus award for Strategic Vision - Nestle GOOD TIMES Programme
  • RSVP Award / Nestle GOOD TIMES Programme / Gold and Craft
  • RSVP Award / FRISKIES GUTS / Silver and Craft
  • NEXUS Bronze Award / Nestle GOOD TIMES Programme
  • NZ Direct Marketing / Siebel Systems NEXUS Gold Award
  • NZ Direct Marketing / NZ Post RSVP Special Honours Award
  • NZ Direct Marketing / NZ Post RSVP Gold Award
  • TUANZ Contact Centre of the Year
  • Teleperformance Grand Prix Call Centre of the Year 
  • Australian Teleservices Association Greenfield Call Centre of the Year for Victoria
Australia - China - Hong Kong - India - Japan - New Zealand - Singapore